Burlington Envision Nutricenter

Envision Nutricenter in Burlington, NC is currently “under construction”. While we are getting the entire store together, this location will have a limited inventory with just the essentials. Within the next few months we hope to have a full store for your convenience. Any products sold at the Cary location can be brought to the Burlington location at a customer’s request. We just ask for your patience during this process!

The items we do have available include the post surgery multivitamin by Bariatric Fusion in mixed berry, strawberry, tropical, and orange cream flavors. In addition, Bariatric Advantage brand chewable vitamin D, biotin, chewable probiotic, and chewable iron are on hand.

We are stocked up on liquid protein including various flavors of isopure, new whey shots, and jello necessary for a clear liquid diet. Pure protein shakes are available in chocolate, vanilla, cookies & cream, strawberry, banana, and chocolate mint. The powdered protein includes Chocorite, Syntrax (unflavored), Bariatric Fusion, Bariatric Advantage, and Healthwise. Healthwise also has various soups enriched with protein.

There is no shortage on snacks here. With a variety of protein bars from Healthwise, Oh Yeah, and Control Snacks, you’re sure to find something you like. We also have protein chips and cereals from Healthwise.


Monday 8AM -5PM
Tuesday 8AM – 5PM
Wednesday 8AM – 5PM
Thursday 8AM – 5PM
Friday 8AM – 5PM


1111 Huffman Mill Road Burlington, NC 27215

*Envision Burlington is located in the Emerge Ortho Clinic Lobby