At Envision Nutricenter, we strive to be the most comprehensive weight loss center in North Carolina by providing excellent service including a non-surgical weight loss program and products for surgical weight loss patients. We also offer services to individuals interested in improving health through diet.

How We Got Started

Envision Nutricenter was dreamed up by a few bariatric surgeons who wanted to make life easier for their patients after surgery. The store is a valuable resource for each patient and contains everything they need to remain healthy and reach their weight loss goals. From protein powders to vitamins and even protein ice cream, there is a way for everyone to get the protein and nutrients they need.

Unlike Anywhere Else

While we are often compared to other health stores, we set ourselves apart by having a well-educated staff of nutrition professionals including a registered dietitian. Customers may ask any question regarding nutrition and be confident in knowing the question will be answered by someone who has studied the science and understands the importance of balanced diet. We have also been specially trained in the diet phases of patients post-surgery, so we can help anyone who walks through our doors.

Something for Everyone

In addition to all of the protein supplements geared towards bariatric surgery patients and those looking to make better food choices, we also offer a non-surgical program for someone who does not wish to have surgery, but needs a little bit of help and motivation. Our non-surgical program is a great alternative and can yield significant weight loss. It includes visits with the doctor, weekly weigh-ins, and weekly nutrition education classes led by our dietitian. Many people will start the program on medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even insulin resistance, and they will finish the program without needing a single pill.