05 Dec 2012

Tips to Help You Control Your Weight Over the Holidays

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1. Don’t skip meals to save up your calories! Balancing out calories over a week’s time will help you minimize your hunger without maximizing your intake. Keeping a food diary will help you achieve a healthy balance of calories and intake throughout the holiday season. Remember, the holidays are not all about food, enjoy the company of your friends and family. Think about how good it will feel when January comes and you have Lost weight! 

2.  Exercise, exercise, exercise!  Walk, ride a bike, bowl, dance, play tennis, do weight resistant exercises.  Being active for 30-60 minutes a day will burn calories and reduce stress.  We think we do not have time for exercise during the holidays, but thats when we need it the most!  Make time to exercise- it can be the “golden ticket” to help you control your weight and stress over the holidays.

3.  Do not go to parties famished!  Take lower fat & calorie appetizers and desserts to parties so you know there are healthy options you can enjoy.  Watch those festive drinks like egg nog as well!  A typical serving of egg nog has 270 calories. Remember, you are not the only person at the party trying to be healthy. Your friends and family will likely appreciate your healthy options!

4.  Celebrating the holidays often includes alcohol.  Alcohol has many calories and tends to put weight on very easily “around the middle.”  It also can stimulate appetite and lessen willpower. During the party drink soda water, sparkling water, or any non-caloric beverage with a twist of lemon or lime.  This will keep your hands busy, make you feel more festive and part of the party,  and finally keep your host or others from asking if you need anything.  If you decide to have a drink, set boundaries for yourself and plan it into your meal plan.