27 Dec 2012

Meal Replacements: Short Term Fix or Long Term Success?

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Optifast PicObesity is a chronic disease that can cause serious health problems that can lead to premature death. In order to reduce these life-threatening risk factors we first need to attack the root of the problem, obesity. Research shows that losing 5-10% of initial weight can reduce multiple risk factors and co-morbidities including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
The national weight control registry has logged the success of thousands of dieters and has compiled a list of traits that these people possess, they include: consuming a low-fat, low calorie diet, eating breakfast, weighing weekly, having high levels of activity and watching no more than 10 hours of television weekly. People with long term weight loss success have these traits as well as the long term motivation, behavioral skills and ongoing support of a group or another person.
Looking at these successful traits gives us a strong foundation to build a program that teaches these traits to ensure long term weight loss success.
The use of meal replacements is one strategy that can assist people with eating less fat and calories. The American Dietetic Association found that a meal replacement based program works best for those “people who have difficulty with self-selection and/or portion control”. It is estimated that two-thirds of Americans are overweight. If most people could make healthy choices and eat small portions at every meal successfully, being overweight would not be nearly as prevalent as it is today. Most Americans could probably write a book on nutrition, the right and wrong things to eat, calorie control and exercise; so why are so many American’s overweight? Without behavior modification, motivation and support doing all the right things is nearly impossible.
Meal replacements are the basis of our program because they take the guess work out of eating. Food becomes fuel, not comfort, not a friend, not something that makes us happy. We reset our minds to think of food as it is, energy. Resetting our metabolism by eating throughout the day is nearly impossible without the use of meal replacements. They are the next best thing to having a personal chef follow you around all day and hand you a perfect snack every 2-3 hours.
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